On Wednesday nights @EldritchEchoes runs Vorpal Tales players through Onyx Path Publishing’s B-Move-tastic, They Came From…Beneath the Sea.

This week, our stylish 1950’s actors faced off against a shadowy figure (totally a fishman). They quickly dispatched their assailant and picked open the lock to the motor pool shed. Inside they waited out the storm, collecting some gasoline and other tools that might prove useful. The Scientist had his first taste of “the Hushpuppie”, along with everyone else partaking in the mundane meal. The barracks to the facility was a disturbed, but the communications room was wrecked by what appeared to be a large aquatic multi-legged creature. Also the control boards were smashed and contained a weird residue.

The Scientist managed to decipher reems and binders of documents to find out the facility was a prison that held 273 aquatic humanoid creatures, along with various other types of hybrid aquatic creatures. The lift to the lower levels was damaged. Taking stock of what they needed for repairs, they made their way back to the mainland where the storm had nearly destroyed the town. Making their way back to the hotel, the hotel manager side-stepped a conversation about where to get parts for repairs, offering up the hardware store as the best location. The Survivor Master Chief suspected something, and had the G-man Alex disguise herself as a local to get the information they needed. The hotel manager was duped into telling the G-man about the equipment in the mansion, as well as the Church of the Wave Ascendent who resides there.

And that is where we left it. Check us out next week for more B-movie goodness.

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