@EldritchEchos has been directing B-Movie on Wednesday Nights at 10pm. They Came From…Beneath the Sea has been rollicking good time of camp horror, and wild shenanigans.

The first story started out with our G-Man, Everyman, Scientist, and Survivor working their day jobs at a secret government facility in the Hawaiian Islands. What started out as an average day, quickly turned into the unusual as everyone in town was glued to their television set and eating high-fat foods. Come to find out, an old experiment from years ago involving a brain-eating eel had infected the town and were threatening to swallow up our heroes. Our daring do-gooders managed to lure the town to the local community center and its pool, where a scientific concoction freed the town’s folk and killed all the eels. The mother-eel fled in a body of one of the scientists and was quickly defeated by our heroes.

Now hired by a special government agency, our fearless team has been sent to Innsmouth to investigate another facility gone awry. The flora and fauna are threatening to devour our heroes as they approach the local lighthouse in the beating rain, which supposedly hides the entrance to a secret government facility, and terrors beyond.

Find out what happens next Wednesdays at 10pm on our Twitch Channel, and the Onyx Path Channel as well.

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