Awesome Adventures is going straight…to hell? That is right snicker-snacks, our crew has rolled up some new characters and heading down to Baldur’s Gate where apparently they are apparently having a hell of a time of things. The Vorpal Tales crew is tackling Dungeon and Dragon 5th Edition and Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Anvernus. This is great, because Dungeon Master @SpacelordPajamas has been trying to run a 9-Hells game for years. He’ll take the first floor as a consolation prize.

A Lil’ History Lesson

Excerpt from @SpacelordPJs Intro In the Zero Session Game:

“Well let’s have a quick history lesson, and why this campaign is probably so interesting and important — shall we?

“Baldur’s Gate was a video game released back in 1998 by Bioware and Black Isle Studios, and published by Interplay.

“Now when I say Bioware; I don’t mean ‘we made Anthem, Bioware’ — I mean, ‘we made everything you love in computer RPGs Bioware’, like pre-EA acquisition — like ‘we lost the D&D license, so let’s make the first Dragon Age’ Bioware. Black Isle Studios would be dissolved once Interplay went under. They would go on to form Obsidian Entertainment and make things you love like Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity, and the brilliant — ‘we still know how to make Fallout games better than Bethesda’ — The Outer Worlds.”

“So Baldur’s Gate gets released and its a stone-cold-killer-hit — glass breaks, stunner, toss me two beers, double-bird, I’m out — the stuff that is in your modern RPGs, this game is the foundation for it all.

“The game used the 2nd Edition rules of Dungeons and Dragons. Half the game was basically trying to figure out WTF THAC0 was.

“SPOILER alert for a 20 year old game; the story goes that you’re an orphan, you meet up with some awesome people, solve a conspiracy, foil an assassination, and save the world from your half-brother voiced by freaking Kevin Michael Richardson and find out that your true father is the dead god Bhaal. Also you can kill Drizzt which is awesome because Drizzt sucks — unless you’re in the sequel, then you get his help, then kill him, because you needed him as a meat shield and now you want all of his shiny awesome gear.

Baldur's Gate 5th Edition

“Oh, yeah, and all this takes place in the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms, specifically around the city of Baldur’s Gate. You see at the time the game was made, the all-father of the gods in the Forgotten Realms was like, you other gods suck, learn to be humble, now you’re mortal, suck iiiiiit. Most of the gods managed to survive, when Ao, or Io, or whatever his name was like, ‘naw just kidding, y’all come back now yah’ere’. However, a few didn’t make it out alive, and this was prophesied. So Bhaal knew he was gonna die, so he shagged everything that moved — literally — and spread his seed around to create spawn so he could be reincarnated.

“In the games, your character is what is called a Bhaalspawn and you spend two games, and three expansion packs dealing with this noise. You can either give into the murderous nature of your father, or walk in with a beer truck, spray the whole place down, stun it, crack open some cold ones, double-birds, and Fleetwood Mac that noise and go your own way.

“So long story short — too late. And the elf and his sister committed horrible crimes and lost their immortality. To get it back, they steal yours and your half-sister’s Bhaal essence — your half-sister was a companion of yours, but you didn’t know she was a Bhaalspawn, but she totally is, but she’s is awesome, and you take her all the time, also romance Jaheria, because she’s awesome. You spend the second game fighting to get your soul back, go to the Underdark, befriend a dragon, explode some Drow, deal with all the gods trying to get you to give them your essence, and fight a raging battle against a psycho elf voiced by David-freaking-Warner — in Hell.

“Longer story, short — really too late — you ultimately decide what to do with the essence of your father. There are other games, and the Sword Coast is a pretty big deal in most Forgotten Realms settings. Also this is awesome because I have been trying to run a Nine-Hells-based game for years. I am excited.

“BeamDog has actually remade the old Baldur’s Gate games and added in a whole bunch’a stuff, so if you managed to find those newer versions of the game, they are great, they are awesome, and you should get them. Anyways, that’s Baldur’s Gate. Supposedly there are connections to that in this story, maybe, but this story apparently has repercussions for what happens in the soon-to-be-released Baldur’s Gate 3, so hashtag, that’s cool. Hashtag, Larian Studios is the best, and now you guys all have to live up to that legacy and my over inflated expectations.” ~@SpacelordPJs

Whew, That Was A Lot

So it sounds like the ol’Spacelord is excited with overwhelming expectations for what this game contains. Spacelord Pajamas will be running Descent Into Avernus Friday evenings around 8pm-ish on our Twitch channel. Please check out the Zero Session on our YouTube channel, where the crew gets to character creation and has a short jaunt through goblin-filled woods. Remember to please slap that Like and Subscribe on YouTube, as well as Twitch; we appreciate it. We look forward to having you join us in our Descent Into Avernus.

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